Director of the Earth sciences division NASA, Dr Michael Freilich along with his colleagues Dr Marc Allen and Dr Davis McSweeney visited Ahlcon International School on 6th August,2010 as part of his India tour.

The Indian Environmental Society that coordinates GLOBE programme and the American Embassy facilitated this visit. Dr Freilich is a scholar, scientist and an educator of great repute.

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It aims to promote respect and understanding about the world's major religions and to show how faith is a powerful force for good in the modern world. The FACE TO FAITH ONLINE PROGRAM for Schools encourages independent learning, global interaction, experiences in multi-culturism and improves language skills.

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booklaunchMs Barnali Dutta, Eco-Club Incharge and members of the club attended a book launch ceremony at CM’s residence. “Wings of the Night” written by Ragini Letitia Singh is about bats which play an important role in pollination and controlling mosquitoes. Dr A J T John Singh writes in his foreword, “I am sure that this book will go a long way in arousing the interest of children in the winged mammals of our planet.”

sheraAhlconites expressed their solidarity with the national spirit of celebrating Commonwealth Games through two major activities. First welcoming ‘Shera’ on the Campus and getting into a complete frenzy.

“Shera mera Dost” echoed throughout the day.

In the second demonstration of our spirit, 20 students and 4 teachers worked together to put up two cultural shows based on Indian Classical Tradition of Music and Dance on 7th Oct as part of Delhi Celebrates – Youth Festival organised by the Department of Art and Culture, Govt. of NCT.