In the wake of unfortunate incidents reported from all over Delhi/ NCR, we are taking all possible precautionary measures for the safety and security of the children. We are aware of the need of a strict vigilance on the campus. We have a strict monitoring system already in place within the school campus and are further going to augment the same. We understand and appreciate your concerns on these issues. The school on its part is vigilant and is attempting to take all precautionary measures. The following points are reiterated for your kind perusal. Read more



The Principal convened a meeting of Section Heads with their colleagues to discuss the Safety and Security issues related to transport, School Campus and all employees of the School. After discussions and deliberations, the following points have been concluded. Read more



We at Ahlcon, have consistently been working towards widening our horizons. We adopt new and innovative methodologies of learning and evolving programs and practices to fulfil all the educational needs of our students. Nowadays the children are active netizens in the current high-tech world. They know the internet is a magical entity capable of answering obscure questions, providing printable templates of pretty much any animal to colour in and serving up endlessly-repeatable videos of DIYs (Do-It-Yourself), music/dance tutorials etc. Read more