Outdoor nature programs are designed to connect children with nature in an authentic way through independent exploration and inquiry. Read more.


Study of the U.S. Institutes (SUSI) on Secondary Education sponsored by the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs at the U.S. Department of State is an International platform to study a broad range of issues within the fields of education and American Studies. Read more.


We celebrate the Earth and its abundance, by pledging to protect the greenery, the natural resources, the beauty and bounty that our planet has generously bestowed upon us. Read more.


    Ahlcon International School is always is always at the forefront in adopting various educational programmes, highlighting current challenges and opportunities in environment  protection Read more.


We at Ahlcon always look forward to participate and involve our students in outdoor programs, innovative activities and projects towards conserving biodiversity. Read more.


Van Mahotsav, a week-long festival of tree plantation is organised every year in the first week of Julu across India when millions of trees are planted. Read more.


Nature is fascinating. It embodies the spirit of the creator. The soft green leaf moving gently in the breeze, the drop of dew quivering on the petal of a rose, the koel singing hidden in a mango grove, all are so enchanting, so enthralling.Our school has always shown keen interest in sensitizing our students towards creating greater awareness, understanding and empathy with and for the environment. As a part of such initiatives, a special assembly was organised by the Science department on Friday, 21st April 2017 to celebrate ‘Earth Day’.Untitled

Ahlconites began the assembly with an inspirational quote. Poetry is the most distilled and powerful language. It has always been a source of expressing our feelings through words. To conserve mother earth, a beautiful poem was recited by a child in thematic costume. This was followed by an enactment ‘‘Solution to Pollution”. Children showcased an enlightening awareness act to protect mother earth from the menace prevalent today. They displayed placards with slogans and posters to convey their message. The sustainable development goals set by the UN related to conservation of earth was also highlighted on the occasion.

Planting trees is the quickest, most cost effective and lasting means of curbing global emissions. A single tree can absorb more than forty pounds of CO2 per year and releases enough oxygen back into the atmosphere to support human beings. Tomark Earth Day, Principal and In charges of Senior and Middle Section planted a sapling in the School Campus.
The programme concluded with a motivational talk by the Principal. The assemblycreated a positive impact on the students to become brand ambassadors for conservation of environment and take it forward with a sense of commitment & renewed consciousness for nation building.






Ahlcon International School is always at the forefront in adopting various educational programmes, highlighting current challenges and opportunities in environment protection. It is our constant endeavour to arouse a sense of responsibility and accountability in the younger generation. As a part of such initiatives, Ms. Sunanda and Ms. Shweta along with four students of class 8 attended a two day workshop “One Planet Workshop Series: Awakening the Green Gene in You” by WWF- India in association with Puffin India on 11th April and 12th April 2017.

Workshop on Day 1 focussed on the theme “Actioning Environmental Education in Schools.” It included brainstorming and icebreaking sessions with quiz, games, videos etc to emphasise on the need of green activities in schools. The idea of “One Planet Academy” a digital training and resource centre was shared with the teachers. “Ek Prithvi” a comprehensive educational programme helping schools adopt sustainable practices and building conservation leaders across the country was also discussed.

Day 2 was marked with a session with Nayanika Mahtani, author of the bestselling children’s book ‘Ambushed’. Commitment to save tigers was reflected upon by the author and she made the participants delve into ruthless and barbaric world of poachers and its fatal impact on the delicate food chain. Enlightened interactive session with the author gave an opportunity to the students to prove themselves as, “Solution Finders” to resolve imbalance in the eco system. The session, “Green Surprise for students” brought sheer joy with wild life documentaries, puzzles and quiz in which one of the students won first prize. The workshop concluded with the launch of the monthly e-newsletter ‘Wisdom Nuggets’ and an invitation to participate in WWF-India’s Wild Wisdom Quiz 2017 which is India’s only national level and Asia’s biggest Quiz on wildlife.




We at Ahlcon, believe in devising a comprehensive remediation plan focusing on improving both academic and behavioral outcomes for the targeted students. With an overview to provide support to this focus group of students, Middle Section of Ahlcon International School has identified strategies for intervention to monitor the learning curve of these students through a pilot project named ‘BUNIYAAD 1.0’.

Twenty students from Middle Section were enrolled in this Pilot Project Buniyaad 1.0 This programme is initiated in collaboration with Mr. Amit (Senior Consultant-Shabda-Risk Assessment and Consultancy Services) and Ms. Nutan (Counsellor and Instructor). The project consists of administering three doses:

  • Booster 1 for the preliminary stage,
  • Booster 2 for the children who had qualified Booster 1
  • Booster 3 for the final and advanced stage.


Read More..



Australia India Bridge

Mr. Ankit Gupta (PGT-Biotechnology) School and Ms. Kate Brown from Peregian Beach College Queensland, Australia spearheaded Australia India Bridge Project from Ahlcon International. The participants were among the 8 shortlisted schools across Indian and Australia by Asia Education Foundation in collaboration with Australian Government. The project is an in country professional learning development program (52 hours) in Australia (16-25 October 2015) and India (10-21 January). The following Australian institute for Teaching and School Leadership (AITSL) National Professional Standards for Teachers were addressed:

Know the content and how to teach it                          

  • Content and teaching strategies for the teaching areas
  • Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

Plan for and implement effective teaching and learning

Australia India Bridge

  • Plan, structure and sequence learning programs
  • Use teaching strategies
  • Select and use resources

Create and maintain supportive and safe learning environments

  • Support student participation
  • Use ICT, safely, responsibly and ethically

Engage in professional learning

  • Engage in professional learning and improve practice
  • Engage with colleagues and Improve practice



The Quality Standards Programme is a collaborative initiative designed by British Council to help institutions improve the quality of their education. The British Council has developed an India-specific framework which describes quality in relation to ten standards and five developmental stages. The resources for teachers and learners, the Quality Improvement Resources and the Consultancy Service specifically help institutions to work towards the standards described in the framework. It is a matter of immense pride that we have been awarded a marque of excellence for our work.

    Read More


Microsoft Innovative Showcase School

microsoft pic for school website

The journey of Ahlcon International School and Microsoft began in 2015 when we joined Microsoft IT Academy. In all 120 students and 20 teachers of Ahlcon International School took part in E-Learning Courses offered by a leading technology giant - Microsoft. The proud 40 Ahlconites qualified and earned certification in Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS). Enthusiastic teachers too earned certifications by appearing in online exams MOS (Microsoft Office Specialist), MTA (Microsoft Technology Associate), MCE (Microsoft Certified Educator), TWT (teaching with Technology) and WiC (Windows in Classroom).

The Programme Coordinator, Ms. Urvashi Singhal, HOD Computer Science, motivated and guided both students and teachers about the programme. As an MIE, Ms. Urvashi worked on the project “Chalkboards to Tablets – Digital Classrooms blended with BIOS and 1:1 Environment”. She guided other four teachers – Mr. Mayank Dugar for his project “Environment and Pollution”, Ms. Leena Narang on project “Cyber Bullying”, Ms. Garima on project “Social Networking sites” and Ms. Shweta for her project “Digital Literacy”. She also motivated our two Student Ambassadors – Karan Sharma (XI D) and Tanishq Manuja (XI C) to attend Microsoft Student Ambassador and Educators Meet in Dec 2015 and for the project “Tech for those at the Margins”. Our student ambassadors organized workshop for Ahlconites to help them create online SWAY presentation by combining text and media using their Microsoft account.

Teachers and the students are using various Microsoft tools like sway, yammer, onenote, word, excel, powerpoint, publisher, autocollage, movie maker, access, etc. in day-to-day teaching learning activities. The Principal, Mr. Ashok K. Pandey, appreciated the efforts of students and teachers and acknowledged their Microsoft skills and their edge over technology. The school also earned the coveted title of being “Microsoft Innovative School” and “Microsoft Showcase School”.

In continuation with our endeavor to strengthen up our academic standards, we have implemented Computer ICT books designed by Microsoft for classes IX and X in session 2016-2017 and in other classes support students to make use of more and more Microsoft tools in their day-to-day learning.


The early phase of children’s life is instrumental in shaping up their personality and academic accomplishments. To cater to the needs of 21st century young learners, at the threshold of formal learning, we need to provide resources rich in content, variety, presentation and visual appeal.

Keeping this purpose in mind, the teachers of Primary Section have started designing and writing the resource material (course books and workbooks) for all the subjects. The content and cross curricular theme is sourced from the tenents of NCF 2005. The benefits of such resource material are many –


  • Content is adequate and age appropriate.
  • It takes into account the cognitive readiness of the learners.
  • Caters to the needs of all types of learners.
  • Stimulates high order thinking skills.
  • Visually appealing.
  • Illustrations have been drawn from surroundings.

The other key benefits envisioned from this project are development of problem solving skills, logical reasoning, spirit of inquisitiveness etc in children which will help in sustaining the interest of children and facilitating   in-depth understanding of concepts in all the subjects. All subject teachers are in the process of writing / updating the resource material.


Click here for the status of books/resource materials


EUMIND 2015-16


The wonderful journey of Ahlcon & EUMIND that started in the year 2013 continued in the session 2015-16 as well. EUMIND is a platform for establishing a sense of intercultural communication between Indian and European school students.  The session started with a visit of Mr. Ludo Mateusen, EUMIND chairperson and his wife Mrs. Annemie Mateusen on 17th August, 2015 to Ahlcon. Mr. Ludo shared EUMIND’s mission and history with 50 students from classes IX-XI.A new platform – ‘Weebly’ was introduced for sharing of information between European and Indian schools through internet. Our coordinators Ms. Ekta Kandhari and Ms. Sabhyata Sharma attended a workshop regarding working of weebly, which was organized at Bal Bharti School.

Later in the year, various skype sessions were organized to make students more familiar with their European counterparts.

40 students from classes IX-X worked and uploaded their research work on the topics – World of Work (WOW) and 3 Generations and shared it with their counterparts in Europe through Weebly. In World of work, students of class IX interviewed different professionals like doctors ,entrepreneurs etc. 3 Generations was about comparing the life of grandparents, parents and the current generation of class X.

3 groups from WOW and 2 groups from 3 Generations have received certificate of excellence for the commendable work done by them.

Through EUMIND, 15 students along with 2 teachers from our school are going to visit Koge Gymnasium, Denmark in the month of November 2016. Next year, their students will visit Ahlcon.


NASA Visit by Students


Ahlcon International through its International linkages has always justified the meaning and spirit of its motto “Global Perspective Indian Values”. As a part of this, 20 students and 2 teachers experienced an educational tour programme - a visit to the space centres of NASA in US (Washington and Orlando) from 18 Oct to 30 Oct . It was organised in collaboration with ISSET (International Space School Educational Trust), a UK based educational organisation. A life time opportunity to induce the spark to acquire knowledge about Astronomy. The launch pads as a historic spots where from the Astronauts took off in rockets to mark history were viewed by them . Models of various types of rockets used in the past are kept in museums. They witnessed the space suits and various equipments used in space along with the models of various types of rockets used in the past. The video recordings on the life of astronauts in Space and the first man on moon were truly outstanding and inspiring. The dinner with Mike Mc Culley, an astronaut, was the ultimate experience. The view of the two space shuttles Discovery and Atlantis was eye opening. They also learned about the various materials used to construct space shuttles and the astronauts’ space suits. Besides this the visit to The White house, Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument, World War II Memorial, the adventurous Sea World, The National Mall were really exemplary. The Museums in Washington - Smithsonian, Spy museum, National Geographic, National Archives etc were enlightening and informative. Overall, the educational tours were an overwhelming and enlighten experience for students as well as teachers.


Nest Making Activity


Nest Making activity was organised in our school in collaboration with Eco Roots Foundation on Saturday 1stDecember 2012. Children from classes VI-VII participated in the workshop where they had hands on experience on nest making using coconut shells to attract house sparrows which are declared state birds.

Mr. Rakesh Khatri, Director of Eco Roots Foundation introduced nest making to the children using green tender coconut, dry grass cooler pads, thin rope, bundles of used news paper, twigs etc. They enjoyed making beautiful; and creative nests and exhibited their nests to their friends and teachers. Their feedback was taken in the form of a questionnaire which was well appreciated by the school Principal.

The initiative taken by the students to protect house sparrows through nest making activity will be continued in the new academic session as a part of CBSE project under the theme “Environment and Heritage”.

Astronomy Club

Astronomy Club of Ahlcon International School, in association with Zlife Education carried out following activities during 2012-13.The complete program was divided into nine sessions spread over the period of one year.

Eight sessions were held in school premises, for which the resource person from Zlife took very interesting and informative sessions which were enjoyed by the students as they also performed many experiments like finding directions, circumference of earth making their own comets etc. and each session consisted of two parts- Theory ( power point presentation) and Practical (students carried out experiments)

After every session handouts and assignments were given. Students completed the assignment and submitted before the next session and points were awarded group wise. The students are awarded certificates by Zlife Education on completion of the programme.

One Evening Sky Observation was held in March in which the students learnt the use of telescope and observed the craters of moon, Jupiter and its moons, also spotted Mars and Pole star. After the observation they were given their space kits which included solar goggles and refractor telescopes. The session was attended by almost all the students of Astronomy Club under the guidance of teachers. Parents were also invited were also invited for observation and everyone benefitted &fully enjoyed the experience.

An overnight Sky Observation was held at Camp Mustang near Gurgaon, in which around hundred students participated enthusiastically. The students were accompanied by school teachers. In this trip the students observed various constellations and galaxies for almost the whole night. Next day, early morning students observed sun spot.

Rocketry a new session introduced was very interesting and fun filled in which students made their own rockets with coca cola bottles and launched them from the school premises.

A phenomenal event "The Transit of Venus" held on 6th June'12 from 6:00am to 10:30 am was organized on the school terrace in association with Zlife Education in which more than 200 students, teachers and many parents witnessed the historical event which will happen again after 106 years.

Observation Activity
Evening Sky Observation Overnight Sky Observation
Medals_and_cert Venus_Transit
 Students with Their Certificates and Medals Venus Transit

Youth for Human Rights Club

Youth for Human Rights International is engaged in promoting Human Rights, tolerance and peace. Its mission is to educate the youth around the globe about the declaration of Human Rights.

Yash Goyal was nominated by YHRI (India) to represent India in International Conference from 28th to 30th August, 2009 at UN Head Quarters, Geneva, Switzerland.

Conserve My Campus

We, have a responsibility to pass on the legacy of, “Life-Our-Earth” to our future generations. To fulfill our duty, we have to ensure that we protect our Earth and make it suitable for life.

“Conserve India” in collaboration with Schneider Electric India, has taken the task of educating the children about the meaning, importance and ways of energy conservation. The name of the campaign is, “Conserve my campus”. 20 Sessions with 40 selected students of our school are being conducted. Each hour long session will carry interactive and innovative activities. These 40 students will act as ambassadors of green practices.

National Geographic Channel – Innovative Project

Ahlcon International School is thankful to the National Geographic Channel and HSBC Bank for inviting our school to be a part to the Nat Geo Green Planet project to create awareness about environmental issues amongst younger generation. Special video featuring importance of Green Earth, Hazards of global warming and conservation of bio resource were shown in our school. A project was assigned and interested students participated in the school. Three students namely Anshul Aggarwal of Class VIII – D, Kasturi and Pratik of Class VIII – B submitted a project of “Analyzing Plastic Waste Management.

The project got selected by NATGEO and won first prize and the students got an opportunity to visit National Geographic Museum in Washington DC along with two teachers Mrs. Anju Gupta and Ms. Sumedha Kapoor. The school intends to pursue the activity throughout.

International Linkages- Achievements /Collaboration

Justifying fully the meaning and spirit of our School Motto ‘Global Perspective Indian Values, we have ventured into developing International linkages with the schools abroad.

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